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German women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries:

a social and literary history
Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres, Mary Jo Maynes, University of Minnesota. Dept. of German, University of Minnesota. Dept. of History, University of Minnesota. Dept. of Women’s Studies
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Indiana University Press, 1986 – 356 pagine

Other kinds of feminism which appear in conventional typologies are socialist feminism, Catholic feminism, domestic feminism, Jewish feminism, or Nazi feminism. Socialist feminism I have already discussed. As for Jewish feminism,

Un silencio ensordecedor: la violencia ocultada contra mujeres y niños

Di Patrizia Romito

como hongos en todo el mundo industrializado para defender los “derechos de los hombres” que se dicen oprimidos y convertidos en víctimas por las mujeres, comparadas por algunos a los nazis (de aquí el término inglés nazifeminist)

Un silence de mortes:

la violence masculine occultée
Patrizia Romito
Traite des violences contre les femmes et les enfants ainsi que des mécanismes mis en oeuvre par la société pour les occulter. Un matériel diversifié qui décrit les différents types de violence et manières de les ignorer vient à l’appui de cette thèse qui voit dans la tolérance de la violence masculine un des moyens d’entretenir un système de domination patriarcale.

A deafening silence: hidden violence against women and children

Di Patrizia Romito

For goodness sake:

religious schools and education for democratic citizenry
Walter Feinberg
Routledge, 2006 – 241 pagine
While the question of religion in public schools is often a matter of fierce debate, few Americans consider the implication of religious education on moral education and liberal democracy more generally. When it comes to religious education, many assume that only those within a given religious community have any serious interest in the religious content of education, and in the moral education of children in religious schools. This important book seeks to change that perception, demonstrating that what happens within religious schools and the education available to all children, regardless of the school they attend, are public issues. It opens up a critical dialogue in liberal, democratic societies. Drawing on examples from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim schools and on topics from sex education to creationism, Walter Feinberg illustrates from a secular point of view the important role religious schools play in the formation of a democratic citizenry.

U.S. women in struggle: a feminist studies anthology – Pagina 104

Claire Goldberg Moses, Heidi I. Hartmann – 1995 – 430 pagine

An exception to this is the new historical scholarship on women in Nazi Germany which explores the contradictory nature of Nazi feminism in the early years of Nazism in Germany. See Renate Bridenthal, Atina Grossman,

Witches and witch-hunts: a global history – Pagina 236

Wolfgang Behringer – 2004 – 337 pagine

The ‘nine million witches’ killed by a conspiracy of male priests and judges also resurfaces in this blending of new feminism and neo-paganism.12 The closeness of Nazi feminism and the post-war feminist movement has bothered more than

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