False accuse di stupro per ottenere la cittadinanza

Secondo Fox News il caso Strauss-Kahn porta alla ribalta il fenomeno delle straniere che fanno gratuite false accuse al fine di ottenere la cittadinanza, approfittando di una legge che garantisce loro di rimanere fino a quando il caso è stato discusso in tribunale.  Il giornalista riferisce che in tal modo riescono anche a strappare le case ai loro conviventi.


Il testo in inglese:

Let me tell you a very quick story, Greg [Jarrett]. I got a buddy, lives in the West Coast, he had a bride from overseas who was an immigrant here, without documentation, suddenly, she alleges that my buddy was guilty of some kind of physical abuse. Turns out, that if you say, if you’re an immigrant here, if you’re a female and you claim an allegation of sex abuse, you can’t be deported until the case is litigated.

It turns out that this is the new immigration racquet — that there are women who, you know, say they were raped or say they were abused by their American husbands; they then stay here despite their immigration status until the case is resolved. Oft-times they have settlements with these hapless men, they get their houses.

I think that this is a classic case. This domestic employee there, at the hotel, she sought asylum claiming a rape charge, typical of the scenario, this immigration scam that they pull.

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