The red ribbon campain (November 25th to December 6th)

A red ribbon to say: sorry, I was wrong, and make peace with the world.

A red ribbon to say: I am free, no feminism any more. If you:

  • alienated children and / or attempted to deny that parental alienation is child abuse;
  • abducted children¬†from their fathers and / or ¬†aided in such acts;
  • abducted children from one or both parents by making false abuse allegations;
  • used children to get homes, money, cars;
  • aborted children and / or promoted initiatives and / or laws against children;
  • falsely accused innocent men simulating violence, rapes, stalking, kidnapping, etc.;
  • promoted hate against men;
  • invented or manipulated statistics in order to paint men as violent;
  • got power or money by using quotas for women;
  • designed and / or supported feminist organizations, anarcho-feminist, nazi-feminists.
  • had secrets dreams of killing and / or slander men and children

and you’ve regret, then prove it to the world by wearing a red ribbon.

Draw it on your website. Paint it on your feminist center.

Invite former sisters to show compassion for their victims, to imagine a world without feminist hate, without gender wars.

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