Mi candido: votate Vajassa Faldocci delegata CEDAW



1211 GENEVA 10


AI, Vajassa Faldocci, feminazi loier specialaized in false accusations of violence against males, propose maiself as CEDAW commissioner, in case fascists males will obtein impicment of mai Sister accused of

«disengage fathers from their children, reduce fathers to a role of visitors one hour a week, educate social workers how to torment fathers… actively advocates using the children to extort money from fathers. … launch libelous and hate filled campaigns against men …  calling women to withhold visitations as bargaining chips to get higherchild support, and she indeed admits that women should use children to extort money from their fathers …  “empower themselves” via creation of parental alienation, and plying children up for financial extortion … encourages women to file false DV complaints».

These are *ecsactli* mai feminazi ideas & actions!

As iù can sì from mai uebsait on 1 April 2011 aI organized dè first conference against PAS: “La PAS ci rovina le calunnie: calunniamo la PAS”.

Uen aI wil bi elected as CEDAW, aI wil force to Italy dis feminazi legislation:

  • NO custody to fathers, because males ar violent and fascist;
  • USE of cildren to accumulate mantainments for women empowerment;
  • MONEY to feminist women scelter;
  • ALIENESCION of cildren with false accusations;
  • NO PROTECSION of cildren from PAS;
  • AUTODETERMINASCION for women in grammar.



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